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Why us?
Why us?

Perform Media's CEO Leo Polanowski on our unique offerings and how they enhance digital media buying performance with greater transparency & control.

We partner with:

  • search

    • 3rd largest source of search traffic in the US with over 85% reach in the US

    • Over 500,000 sites in the Media.net network delivering over 10B impressions per month

    • Top publishers include:
      Forbes, Reuters, WebMD, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Road & Track, CNN

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  • native

    • Over 500,000 sites delivering over 10B impressions per month, including proprietary supply

    • In feed video and static ad formats available

    • New MSN partnership that enables direct access to premium MSN homepage & network inventory

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  • display

    • 15B monthly impressions and growing with our header bidding technology and supply partnerships

    • Developing exclusive offerings with acceptable ad exchange partners

    • Full transparency into site list with private marketplace capabilities

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Reach your target audience across the web's highest quality publishers.

Our unique supply partnerships, innovative technology, and expert services gives you enhanced capabilities to reach your target audience in the most effective and cost effective way.

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