Information about your options for opt-out is provided below.


To withdraw your consent to be behaviorally targeted and shown interest based ads by Perform Media on your browser, please opt-out by clicking the button below

Interest-based ads are currently turned on.

By Opting-out, Perform Media will no no longer collect any data associated with your activities from any of our client websites.

Interest-based ads are currently turned off.

By Opting-In to Interest-based advertisements you provide Perform Media the ability to collect information from your device and show personalised ads.

Note: Opting-out does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising from Performmedia. It does mean that Performmedia shall not use any information collected from you for the purpose of displaying personalized ads. Your preference (to opt-out) will be stored in an opt-out cookie on your browser. In case you delete this cookie, you will be automatically opted in.Since we identify you based on your browser, you will have to 'opt out' on all browsers you use.

Mobile Apps

For mobile applications, You may opt-out of behavioral targeting by updating your preferences, "Opt out of Interest-Based Ads" or "Opt out of Ads Personalization" on Android devices or "Limit Ad Tracking" on iOS devices. Further details on how to change your preferences - http://www.networkadvertising.org/mobile-choice.