Perform Media partners have access to native placements across our network of top ComScore content providers. Our native ads leverage best-in-class targeting to put your brand in front your target audience when they are most likely to engage and convert.

When creating advertisements for our network, please use the following creative specifications to maximize the readability and effectiveness of your campaigns. 


Ad Component Specs
Headline 60 characters (90 characters cap)
Description 70 characters (140 characters)
Sponsored By 25 characters (100 characters)
Display URL 25 characters
Call To Action 15 characters
Destination URL Secure URL with tracking parameters

1200×627 (max file size 500kb)

Aspect ratio (4:3,1:1,1.91:1)

Min width : 200px, min height : 200px

Max width : 38200px, max height : 20000px