You may choose to do conversion tracking without installing the PMC pixel. This can be done via Server-side pixel (S2S pixel) tracking.

The option is typically used when you do not have access to the source code advertiser website or for conversions that happen on 3rd party platforms (for example mobile downloads on the play store).

In the server-side pixels, the pixel is fired from your servers and does not need to be placed on the webpage.




The following flow diagram depicts the workflow of Server-side Conversion Tracking.





Please log into PMC via and follow the below instructions.



Admin Instructions:

1. Set up a tracking URL parameter for the Perform click ID via the Advertisers section


2. This tracking parameter will be added to all the destination URLs.



3. When a conversion event occurs the following postback URL can be fired from your servers.

Please modify the highlighted portions of the URL based on the definition below.








Following are the parameters supported in the Postback URL.


Parameter Name Mandatory Description
event Yes It contains the event name for all the actions where the conversion pixel is placed.
weight No The conversion weight can have any value between 0-1.
cid Yes This parameter must contain the Perform click Id generated on ad clicks.
py No If you have a variable payout offer, pass the payout value of each conversion in this parameter.
akey Yes The advertiser key unique to your account and shall be provided by your Partner Manager.
datetime No

The Date and Time at which the call was made for the conversion. Note that this time will be considered in UTC.

Sample Format:




Where Z means UTC.


Kindly provide your Partner Manager with the following to ensure a smooth setup process:

  • Parameter to pass #clickID#
  • IP ranges of the server(s) making the conversion call, so we can whitelist on our servers