This section provides with the steps to export and schedule a granular conversion report from an Engine Account in SA360. The PMC conversion data will flow under an Engine Account in SA360 only once you have created an Engine Account for Perform Media in SA360 and shared the click tracker URLs with your Perform Media Account Strategist.

Note: You can refer to this document for setting up a new Engine and generating click tracker URLs.

Below are the steps to generate a conversion report in SA360.

    1. Login into SA360 using the link with your credentials.
    2. Select the agency, advertiser, and engine account for which the conversion report has to be generated and click Apply.

  1. Select the date range for which the schedule needs to be set. We recommend setting up a schedule with the last 7 days data.
  2. Now click on the download icon as highlighted in the below screenshot, and some newly opened checkbox list should be visible on scrolling for downloading or scheduling the report.


  1. Scheduling the report:
  1. Select the Schedule Report option from the list and enter the below details.
    1. Report Name: “Offline Conversion Ingestion – #AdvertiserName”
    2. Scope: (Recommended option: Current Scope)
    3. File format: As per the screenshot
    4. Columns: Select any option available from the dropdown list

  1. Now scroll down to select the report types. There must be a checklist available. Select the Conversions and Visits option from the checklist available and untick the Advertiser’s box, which is selected by default.


  1. Adding the delivery information
    Delivery Email Address:
    Timezone: Select the TZ as per your account.


  1. Select the “Include this file as an attachment option and then click the Schedule Button to schedule the report.

Sharing the Details with account strategist

Along with the following information, share the report and the event information with your Account Strategiest.

    • A downloaded example report.
    • A complete list of floodlight events counted as conversions and their corresponding weight.
    • The report sender’s email address
    • The Email subject for the scheduled report. Please use “Offline Conversion Ingestion – #AdvertiserName”
    • Any conversion logic, rules, or modifications that need to be applied to report ingestion.

Note: Please refer to the link below for additional information to generate the conversion reports.